Cabinet top with ornaments and Honeywell evohome controller

Could you be a reference site?

Homesmart are looking for a limited number of reference sites for installations of Honeywell evohome multi-zone systems or Nest Thermostats.

We looking for people to give us feedback on our offer - the products, the installation and our service plans.  This is so that we can keep on improving our solutions.

We also want the opportunity to use some of your feedback for PR - using quotes and a few promotional photos. Of course, we'd love to have some great quotes to publish but we know we have to earn them.  So above all, we are looking for honest feedback.

This is a small commitment where you will get your system at a subsidised price in return for the feedback, which we may possibly use for PR.

What we offer

We subsidise your system by reducing the hardware and installation price by 50%.  We split this half up-front and the other half 3 months after install.

  1. 25% off the quoted hardware & installation price in return for your initial feedback on the hardware, installation and service plans
  2. An additional 25% rebate on the quoted hardware & installation price after you complete the three month feedback and interview

giving a total of 50% off the hardware & installation price of your system.  You will pay full price for your chosen service plan.

What we require

All we require is for you to:

  • answer a short questionnaire after installation - on the heating system you had before, your expectations for smart heating, the installation process and your initial experience of your new smart heating system
  • allow us to take some (anonymous) photographs of your installation which we might use for our PR
  • take part in a 15 minute interview with you to understand more about your experiences
  • let us to publish parts of your feedback (anonymised so you cannot be recognised)
  • after 3 months of use, answer some additional questions on your experience since installation and take part in a further 15 minute interview
  • at the end of 12 months provide us feedback on energy savings.

The reference site process

Select "get a quote" from the main menu to set up and save the configuration you want.

Then contact us by email or telephone if you are interested in being considered as a reference site.

After an initial telephone conversation, we will arrange to visit you to discuss the programme and to see if your installation meets our criteria. We are looking for references site from different types of properties, sizes of family etc.

If we both want to go ahead, then we agree this and will discount the hardware & installation price by 25%.

You compete the order and we do the installation.

Then you complete the initial questionnaire and we carry out the initial interview at a mutually agreed time.

After 3 months you complete the second questionnaire and we carry out the second interview.

We then rebate you a further 25% of your hardware & installation price.

At the end of a year we ask you to provide figures to show the energy savings you have made.

NOTE: we only require a limited number of references sites and need to cover different types of property.  So we cannot guarantee that we will accept you on the reference programme.


Once you have created your quote using the configurator on the "get a quote" page, phone us on 0800 246 5461 or use our contact form to let us know that you are interested.